Super Weight Loss

Super Weight Loss

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By now, most intelligent people (that’s you) understand that our medical system is breaking under the burden of health issues we Americans face. Globally, America is the 37th healthiest country despite spending 2.5 trillion a year on healthcare.
Where did we go so wrong?!
One of the ways we’ve lost our health is by forgetting our cultural wisdom around cooking and eating in favor of processed foods most of which are stripped of nutrition, grown in poor soils, loaded with herbicides, fungicides and toxins, laced with chemical concoctions and often containing genetically modified ingredients.
Wow, horrible, right?!
Other than voting with our dollars and simply not buying what BigFood, BigAgra and the BioTech monopolies produce there’s not much we can do to fix the system.
But, we can help ourselves by taking a look backwards in time at what foods cultures around the world have revered and the reasons why.
Today I want to shine the spotlight on Chia, “The Ancient Superfood of the Future”.
These seeds were valued by the Aztec and Mayan civilizations as a dietary staple. They were used in barter as well as religious ceremony. Chia was so integral to their existence that when the Spanish Conquistadors conquered the area that one of the first things they tried to do was wipe out the chia fields!
Thankfully they failed and Chia survived to come under scientific scrutiny. We now know why it was considered essential to MesoAmerica. Chia Seeds are little nutritional powerhouses!
There are so many reasons to eat it regularly I can’t list them all in one post.
Today I’ll share why Chia is considered a dieters dream food!


The reasons are many. For instance, Chia is 40% fiber! All that fiber causes the Chia to pass through the system more slowly helping you feel fuller longer. That amount of fiber also helps remove cholesterol, support normal blood glucose and insulin levels by slowing the impact and release of sugars into the bloodstream while helping to reduce cravings for sweets and junk foods through it’s ability to slowly release carbohydrate energy for your bodies needs.  All the while, Chia provides plenty of roughage to keep the colon moving detoxing our bodies of waste and weight.  Chia’s ability to retain as much as 10 times each seed’s weight in water benefits digestion and constipation, also key factors in loosing weight.
I can’t prove it, but somehow I doubt there were any fat Aztecs!


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