Stress and Weight Loss Group Program

Join us for a unique and affordable 6 week group program to conquer stress and food confusion.

Stress and food confusion can stop weight loss in it’s tracks!

Learn to identify your personal body style

Select and prepare foods that support you

Food-Mood connection


Practice Mindfulness

Feel and Look good in your body

2.5 hours for six consecutive weeks – check under the Events page for current times/days/pricing


Single consultation (1.5 hours)

We will work together in areas guided by your needs. Popular issues are digestion, weight loss, stress, energy and gluten free living.

$75.00 includes a superfood sample to chosen to support your needs.

3 Month Program

Designed for those who wish to obtain more guidance uncovering the optimum diet/life choices geared specifically to their body / personality type. We meet twice a month for education, support and accountability.

Please contact me for current pricing

6 Month Program

Custom designed for those of you who intend to uncover and make space for lasting change in body, mind and spirit. This program covers customized diet and nutrition needs, cooking, decreasing stress, increasing energy using a variety of modalities such as EFT, Meditation and Yogic Breathing techniques. Meeting twice a month in person or on the phone, whichever serves your needs best for education, support and accountability.

When you make a commitment to work with a Coach, you are really giving yourself the gift of positive supported change that allows you to uncover the person who’s been hiding inside of you all along.

Please contact me for current pricing


Please tap the Events tab for group workshops covering a variety of topics such as raw foods, cravings, meditation, weight loss, increasing energy as well as ongoing local Yoga classes with a focus on de-stressing and digesting.


5 Practical Steps to Manage Your Stress and Find More Peace in Your Life

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