Sherry do you know the “new life” you have given me!?

Today is 12-30-09 and all the craziness is done and parties are over.

I want to “thank you” for talking to me about the “Detox Cleansing”.  I had to see your family especially Mike, with his belt hanging down from his waist (ha!ha!). And all the weight you lost.  I was so nervous because I was on 18 pills a day and had many operations through the years.  I had tried one other time going natural and ended up in the hospital for over one week.  i was so sick.  I did wrong by doing that with my pills!  You said, it’s just fruit, veggie and different roots and herbs.  Walt, my husband, was very nervous over the whole thing!  All these years I have just been getting older and sicker.  Well, I’m still here and I feel so wonderful.  It’s been 2 months and I’ve lost 25 lbs.  I have so much energy!  We are living in Florida and I’m so busy helping bake for the folks in the park for Christmas and New Year’s.

I have been to the doctor here and my blood work came out perfect!!  It never came out perfect in all my life!  I don’t have to see him for 3 more months.  It is truly a miracle.  I have a new life now, and I have even taken myself off some of my pills!  I am 70 years old and feel younger (maybe “50”) Ha! Ha!  I could go on and on but I am enclosing my pill list and my operations, and diseases.  I still am not free of pain, but it’s much easier to go above it, without drugs and with so much more energy.

Sherry, I want to say “thank you” for giving me a new life.  I don’t know how long it will be but I’m never getting off this program.  You started all this for Lucas.  You have a “special gift” of Love and Sharing to help everyone and anyone who wants to help themselves.

God Bless you,
Love, Jane

Make sure you all have a good “belly” laugh everyday and take all your negative thoughts and turn them with positive!

I have written all my life’s medical history.  I would like to put this on the web to show the kind of life I have lived and let others see for themselves how they too, can cleanse their colon, kidneys, bladder-liver.

Health History
Sleep Apena
Poly Myalgia  pains
Chronic Fatigue
High Blood Pressure
Diabetes and diabetic feet
Nodules in lungs
Restless leg syndrome
Carpal Tunnel both wrists
Factor #5 blood
Asperate (food going in right lung)
Bad disc in neck
Muscles – swelling

Metlodipine Besylate
Metformin HLC
Hydrocodene APPA
Folic Acid
Oxy C
Cymbalta Duloxetine HC1

16 Operations
TMJ operations (2)
Artificial cord in neck
15 lb. tumor left on ovary in stomach
Left leg stripped of various vein
Operations Left finger tendons (2)
Disks removed (2) bones fused (3)
Knee replacement (right)
Screen in stomach for blood clots
Tonsils removed
Tumor on top of left foot
Right hip replaced
Right breast (benign nodules) current
Right underarm 3 cm nodules