Back to School lunch ideas!

It’s almost that time… back to school day is upon us!

School mornings have their challenges for kids and parents alike. Despite the hassle of getting out the door, we parents want more than anything to see our children succeed in all they do. If you have a sensitive child with a few challenges that means thinking out of the box – the “Lunchable” box, that is!

Did you know that Lunchables are the #1 seller in most grocery stores? Sure, they’re convenient and take almost zero effort and “everyone” has them, so says your kiddo.

If we want school success, we need to do better. Here’s why – check out some of the ingredients in a typical Lunchable box… 62!! ingredients in a 3-4 item Lunchable box (most school lunches aren’t much better) so let’s just focus on those that most impact your child’s performance for the school day.

A few of the 62 Ingredients

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Sucralose
  • Artificial colors
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Modified cornstarch
  • Nitrates
  • Cellulose powder
  • Carrageenan

If that doesn’t get your attention check out the long term side effects of eating this five days a week….

Possible Short term Side Effects

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Hyperactivity
  • Tiredness
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle Spasms

Possible long-term side effects

  • increased blood pressure
  • increased cholesterol
  • neurological issues
  • cardiac arrest
  • cell damage
  • bodily inflammation
  • reproductive system complications

Even a peanut and butter and jelly sandwich would be preferable than that load of nasty chemicals!

Your child deserves way better….

Get a Bento lunchbox and create your own healthy Lunchables, customized for your child’s specific dietary needs!

Here’s one that kids and parents love… . They come with cute customizable magnets, making the contents even more appealing to a youngster.

You could easily duplicate the content of a typical Lunchable with 2 minutes of effort in the kitchen and some picky shopping. This is a good place to start if you and your child are new at making healthy changes…

Re-Create a Healthy Lunchables container in moments

AppleGate Turkey and Organic Cheddar Rollups

Glutino or Mary’s Gone Gluten Free Crackers

2 Gluten free cookies

Coconut water with a squeeze of 100% juice

If you’re further down the road of healthy living choices here are ideas that will take a little more prep but bring much more support for success to your child!

Bento or Planet Box Lunch ideas

One hard-boiled egg cut in half ( sprinkle with mineral salt and pepper if they like it)

Avocado & tomato salad ( sprinkle with lemon juice to prevent browning)

Chickpea salad ( olive oil, chopped cukes and salt)

Organic Blueberries or other fruit that’s tolerated

Sliced leftover chicken breasts or other meat with dip

Guacamole with GMO free corn chips

Plain Greek Yogurt with honey and fruit to add on the side

Cashews, dairy free chocolate chips, organic raisin mix

Homemade soup in a thermos

Healthy leftovers in a thermos

Sliced raw veggies with hummus

GF wrap bread with healthy fillings, cut into bitesize pieces


CocoLoco Bar

Enjoy Life Bar

You get the idea! There’s lots of healthy choices without additives. Make sure you focus on protein to sustain mental and physical attention. The other components are fruit, vegetable, healthy fats,  something sweet and something salty. If you can’t afford to invest in an official Bento Box, go get a divided container and an icepack and you will be making a huge difference in your child’s ability to do his/her best.

If you need some help with a healing diet, just give us a call. We can take a look at symptoms and create a bio-individual food protocol to help.