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Are you curious about how health coaching can help you and your child?

Sherry Guastini My interest in nutrition came with my growing awareness that our “gut is our second brain”. This reality was sparked by the birth of my second child who came to me with chemical sensitivities. These were not diagnosed by a doctor or dietician, but by my own observations of his resultant behavior/pain dependent upon what he put into his mouth. Being a concerned mother, I became an avid label reader and began to question what all those strange sounding chemicals were doing in our food and wondered what they were doing to the rest of us. I became a member of The Feingold Association and joined a natural foods coop. Seeing all the positive changes in my child after removing certain “foods”, I became more interested in what changes I could provide by introducing new foods and supplements. After living through the removal of favorite foods and finding replacements, explaining to family and friends why we don’t frequent McDonald’s and observing other children’s reactions to typical American treats, I feel an affinity and the desire to support any parent who feels compelled to make the same changes. In the course of healing my child, I too began healing from indigestion, low energy and high stress. A happy side effect from that healing was weight loss, the extra pounds I’d gained over the years began to melt away. Life is a journey. How I eat today is very different from ten years ago or even four years ago. The best part is, I feel better now than I did in my thirties! The Institute of Integrative Nutrition teaches that lifestyle is every bit as important to your health as what you choose to put into your mouth. A holistic approach when considering wellness is often the missing element in a society that prescribes a pill for every ill. A good health coach can take up where your doctor is forced to leave off in the typical fifteen minute appointment. The Center for Disease Control now acknowledges that 87% of all disease begins with stress. That realization led me to school once again this time to pursue philosophy I’d been drawn to since my teen years and one in which I’d found so much stress relief from as a new mother. I became certified as an Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher at One Yoga Center just outside of Providence RI, trained by Ellen Schaeffer and Certified by the Yoga Alliance. I became trained in supportive postures (asanas), breath work (pranayama), meditation, philosophy and the art of self-study, integral in the process of change and transformation. My Yoga training brought a deeper understanding of the profound effect a holistic approach to wellness can truly bring. Working with the Koshas, the physical, energetic, mental/emotional, wisdom and spiritual layers of our bodies, I began to see that in order to change a physical habit we often have to go deeper through the layers of our being to find the key that unlocks lasting change. Drawing on this accumulated knowledge I’d be honored to help you create a personal road map for your health and well being.


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