6 Tips for Lasting Energy

6 Tips for Lasting Energy

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Sometimes life sends you a solution wrapped in a problem.

In my early 40’s I had a variety of issues, mostly physical. Still having young children at home, sustained energy was one of my missing needs. The answer for low energy came to me when I when I latched onto the Superfood Chia to help with a digestive problem. After using it for a week or so I was surprised that not only did my digestion improve, but my energy levels began to soar. After researching the benefits further I found Chia can be used to prevent or help treat a number of illnesses and conditions. Dieters and diabetics use them for a natural weight-loss aid and to control blood sugar levels. The Aztec warriors used them as a source of energy, and today many athletes consume them to enhance their endurance levels. Because they are rich in nutrients and fiber, anyone interested in a holistic approach for maintaining their health, energy levels and physical fitness can benefit.

To minimize spikes and crashes in energy level, you want to make sure your nutritional intake supports a sustained flow of energy by limiting fluctuation in blood sugar level. An even blood sugar level can also help you improve your focus and concentration, and help you prevent mood swings caused by hypoglycemia.

Here are 5 more tips to use nutrition to support a sustained flow of lasting energy:

1. Eat meals with a low glycemic load – combine whole grains and vegetables (high fiber foods) with a moderate amount of good fats and lean protein.

2. Eat foods rich in B vitamins, such as whole grains and nutritional yeast.

3. Eat just the right amount and type of protein for your body – keep a food journal to see how much protein works best for you.

4. Stay hydrated – dehydration often causes fatigue and headaches.

5. Avoid caffeine, which worsens blood sugar fluctuations.


If you’re dragging yourself through your day, reaching for that next cup of Joe to keep you going, give me a call. A customized plan to increase your energy awaits!


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