2020- Setting Intentions for a New Era

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Can you feel it? The quiet hush of expectancy. We aren’t only entering Winter, but also a New Year, a brand new decade.

I encourage you to use this natural cycle of Nature to get quiet, go within and reflect on the year gone by. Hindsight provides a better view of what worked for us and what did not, what we want or need more of in the year or decade ahead.

So how do we turn those wishes into reality? Action!


  • Firstly, look back at the past year with gratitude.  By nurturing a sense of gratitude you will attract more positive energy.
  • Find some quiet time to sit down, reflect and visualize what your new intentions could be. You could start by trying yoga or meditation to relax your mind or being out in Nature – allowing thoughts to flow freely. Whatever draws you, dedicate space to it.
  • After thinking and visualizing, it’s important to write a list of your intentions. If you’re a right brain, creative thinker a vision board with pictures might be just the thing. If your a left brain logical type person, a bullet pointed list may be what you need.
  • Next, jot down those actions that will bring your intentions into reality. Spend some time to think/write out the How of meeting your intentions. For instance, if going to the gym is on your list, add days and times. Commit on paper! If it’s a new diet you’re after make a list of the foods you’ll buy.
  • If possible, share your list with someone close to you, along with why each one matters to you. It will provide encouragement and accountability.
  • To begin living your intentions every day, try to devise a word or short mantra/affirmation that sums up each intention. Post them where you will see it. It’s very easy to fall back into old routines.

Support your Goals!

  • Remember to celebrate even the smallest change or achievement. It will provide continued motivation for your new path!
  • If things aren’t quite going as planned, don’t be hard on yourself. The great thing about intentions rather than resolutions is the idea that we can revisit this anytime. Intentions are fluid, we can create newness with compassion for ourselves.
  • The point of intentions is that they are personal and realistic. It’s not about perfection, but a change of mindset.
  • Create a routine that allows you enough time in the evenings to wind down before bed, you are more likely to feel better in the morning and ready to achieve your intentions.
  • Take some time to Breathe and re-center yourself throughout the day. We need Mindfulness to make changes.
  • Lastly, if you need guidance reach out to someone who can keep you on track with your wellness goals. I’m here if you need help.
    • In the meanwhile I’ll be setting my Intentions for 2020 as well because the only thing we can be sure of in this life is change! Let’s make this new decade the best one yet!


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